Ride more with your friends: a summer on the road with Hevik!

This summer, the Hevik ambassadors explored many different corners of the world, from Europe, to Asia and to  the United States, dressed in 100% Italian Hevik branded motorcycle gear!

During the Givi Explorer Malaysian Adventure, our ambassadors discovered Malaysia, an unspoiled paradise where Mother Nature reigns supremely, where the highest peaks touch the sky while their rainforest-covered slopes spread to immense floodplains teeming with life. The perfect place for a motorcycle adventure!

Protected by Titanium suits , in perfect Adventure style, then we  left for three more long journeys, the first with Maurizio De Biasio, who took us across the whole of Russia all the way to Japan, the second with Fabio Bellio who, wearing his Ikaro jacket, led us on a discovery of mysterious Turkey, and the third with our friends from "7Milamiglia", who explored the lunar landscapes of Iceland.

With Nicolò Rinaldi, we departed in perfect Urban style, wearing our Black Café Jackets, Iron gloves, Typhoon vests and Smart helmets, for  a journey to the  Elba Island on a Vespa. Meanwhile, wearing Cafè Racer style, we enjoyed the sun in Portugal on two Triumphs owned by "Nati per la Moto", wearing Black Café and Black Jack jackets, Cargo Harbour Trousers, Iron Gloves and Zeus Gloves.

Lastly, with the famous YouTuber Andrea Pirillo, wearing his trusty Merak Jacket, we landed in America to ride the endless California highways. We also chased the wind in Greece with Federico and the  green Costa Rica with Luca… What about you? Where did you take us this summer?

Those who choose Hevik choose the joy of discovering the world one kilometre at a time!

Hevik #motoreboot

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