Garage Evo Jacket: a style evolution for the biker!

It is not just the motorbike that makes the biker, but also their outfit. It is natural to accompany a fully equipped  two with a motorcycle jacket that has outstanding style, fit and fabric.

The Garage Evo jacket, available both for men (Garage Evo - HJL301EM) and women (Garage Lady Evo - HJL301EF), is made entirely of full-grain cowhide, treated with an aniline based processing technique, making it soft and long-lasting.

As summer is on the way, why not enjoy a nice motorcycle trip to a seaside resort or to the mountains? On these occasions, the Evo Jacket combines safety, provided by the approved protective elements on the shoulders and elbows and the rear pocket for the HFB protector back guard, with the practicality of a minimal garment, designed for the café racer world. Moreover, thanks to the vest-cut removable thermal interior, this garment is suitable for all seasons.

As far as fit is concerned, this GIVI designed jacket adapts perfectly to the body, particularly the Garage Lady Evo version, which, thanks to the outer and inner elasticated parts around the hips, enhances femininity not only when riding, but also when socialising.

The motorcycle clothing and accessories designed by the Brescian company skilfully express the evolution of the motorcyclist’s spirit, always aware of the latest technologies and ready to face new challenges. The Garage Evo Jacket also embodies this exuberant and independent character.

Then again, it is the desire for freedom that makes the personality of the biker, as Roberto Patrignani once said: “Be free to look beyond the horizon, free to travel fast or very slowly, wherever the real sound of your bike takes you, heralding your arrival like the thunder heralds the storm.”

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