Hevik #MOTOREBOOT: Have a trip on two wheels planned? Before heading off, preparation is vital!

First of all, is the indispensable rain-proof suit, which needs to have a high waterproof capacity and must be easy to wear, such as the RAINSTOP (HRS110) by HEVIK. This two-piece suit consisting of a jacket and matching trousers, has an excellent water resistance of 8000mm. While the 100% PVC-free material is light and breathable, it is also highly resistant. Thanks to the adjustability at the waist, wrists and ankles, this jacket and trousers can be comfortably put on, without the need to remove either boots or gloves.

Another fundamental element of any motorcyclist’s wardrobe is the touring jacket and the Titanium by HEVIK is an impressive component of this category. It is an incredibly versatile jacket as it consists of three layers of membrane that are both waterproof and breathable and each layer can also be worn separately. There is also a removable thermal inner lining which enables the wearer to confront all kinds of weather conditions head on.

As for trousers, the TERRAIN model by HEVIK, also equipped with three layers of waterproof membrane and a removable thermal inner lining, is a performance solution for both wet and dry weather conditions. Terrain consists of a number of distinguishing elements, from the removable knee protectors and the soft reinforcements on the sides, which provide increased safety, to the stretch fabric around the crotch, providing extreme comfort to the hook and loop fastening tabs at the ankles for rapid, easy adjustment.

The HELIOS-R gloves by Hevik, a summer model specifically designed for adventure-touring, will complete the motorcyclist’s look. The compatibility with today’s touch-screen technology and the comfort provided by the fabric, a combination of spandex, leather and 3D mesh, make these gloves the perfect travelling companions.

With this perfect outfit, any motorcyclist will be ready to join the #MOTOREBOOT Revolution! All you’ll need to do is get on and ride!


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