Immagine yourself on an endless and empty road, with breath-taking views, just for you and your bike. Where would you like to be?
Wherever your mind takes you, your must-have for your wardrobe will be the NASHVILLE LADY jeans, the technical jeans for your travels on two wheels.
These adventure trousers are unlike any others: inner reinforcements in DuPont ™ Kevlar®, a very high strength material that protects you from cuts and abrasions, long-lasting and high-temperature resistant.
The stone wash denim Cordura fabric is both soft and robust, everything will be under control at all times.
Increase your safety with the backside and knee protectors: you can remove the latter from the outside with a zip, at the end of a day full of experiences.
Comfortable while riding, NASHVILLE LADY has a casual style with a regular fit that wraps the female shapes: you won’t get enough of them !

Outer shell: 75% denim cotton 12.75 once, 13% polyester, 10% nylon, 2% Lycra
Reinforcement liner: 220 GSM 60% DuPont® Kevlar® aramid fibres, 40% polyester

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