You can wear it every day, even when you get off the bike and want to express your biker spirit: the MEMPHIS LADY jeans wraps your shapes and give you freedom of movement, thanks to the soft stretch cotton with indigo wash effect.
Knees and backside are protected by inner inserts in DuPont ™ Kevlar®, a material with surprising performance that makes you want to ride again and again: very high resistance to abrasion, resistance and to heat and easily washable.
After the adventure on the road you can continue on foot in total relaxation: you can easily insert or remove the protections on the knees from the outside with a zip and adjust them in height by 10 cm using an inner strap.

Outer shell: 90% denim cotton 11.30 once, 8% polyester, 2% spandex
Reinforcement liner: 220 GSM 60% DuPont® Kevlar® aramid fibres, 40% polyester

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